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Our Volunteer Board of Directors

BIAPH is proudly led by our volunteer Board of Directors (BOD), who dedicate their time and continuously work to uphold the mission and vision of our organization. Our Board of Directors, guide our organization through positive examples of leadership, and an unwavering pursuit of advocacy and support for our members.

Roger Foisy


Jon Corry

Vice President

Meagan Buttle


Our Team

Our team consists of individuals from diverse disciplines and skills, who approach BIAPH’s mission with empathy and a strong drive for advocacy. Throughout their time at BIAPH, each team member has played a significant role in ensuring our support programs are quality-driven, member-focused and are aligned with the specific needs of our community.

Kirsten Hadleycrane

Director of Program Support

Nichola Nonis

Director of Operations

Sue Brushey

Peer Support Coordinator

Mitch Lubbe

Support Group Program Coordinator

Paolo Mazzonetto

HeadSpin Facilitator

Becky Yorksie

HeadSpin Facilitator

Sara Scott

HeadSpin Facilitator

Julie Tran

HeadSpin Facilitator

Sarah Hurtubise

HeadSpin Facilitator

Sarah Vu Nguyen

Research Assistant

Our Volunteers

Samy Kannout

HeadSpin Intake Coordinator & Member Liaison

Sarah Kalyar

Social Media Strategist

Hafsa Ahmad

Social Media Strategist

Aamna Naveed

Mind Matters Research Assistant