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Reports and Plans

Strategic Plan

With a push into a virtual space, the past year has revealed a greater need for support for ABI survivors and families across the Peel, Halton and neighbouring regions. As we move forward and transition into a post-COVID world, BIAPH hopes to build and expand our capacity for service, to include and welcome new members that have joined us during the pandemic. To accommodate our growing community, BIAPH’s Executive Team has met to develop a three year strategic plan to redevelop and modernize the association to better serve our members. The development of our Strategic Plan involved consultation with BIAPH stakeholders, members, the Board of Directors, and staff. As a result, our strategy is a representation of these diverse perspectives and experiences, as it strives to meet the needs of our community.

Annual Report

In the past year, our organization has grown, changed and adjusted to a “new normal.” We have switched to virtual platforms for support, welcomed members from outside the Peel and Halton regions, and have onboarded new team members to better support our growing community. As we grow, BIAPH continues to move forward by providing education, awareness and support through quality programs and services.

Take a read through our Annual Report, linked below, to stay up to date on BIAPH’s progress!


Annual Report 2020-2021