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Support Programs

Peer Support Program

Our Peer Support Program is available for those who are living with an ABI, and allows them to connect to an individual who has lived through a similar life experience involving an ABI. The mentor will provide their guidance and knowledge based on their own life experience involving Acquired Brain Injury, to an individual who is coping with a similar ABI-related situation.

Both Mentors and Partners can be survivors, unpaid caregivers or family members. All Mentors will be trained before being matched with Partners through the generous support of the program’s development sponsors (Gluckstein & Associates, Henderson Structured Settlements and Sibley & Associates); training materials have been developed and will be provided for that purpose. This program is FREE for all participants!


Why be a Partner?

As a Partner in the program, you have the opportunity to learn from someone ‘who has been there’ and can offer you guidance and support based on their own personal experiences living with ABI. Support is provided to you via telephone or internet, based on your preference. This allows you to participate in the program from the comfort of your own home.


Why be a Mentor?

As a Mentor, you have the opportunity to help others by sharing your experiences and by providing support and information to your partner who has similar lived experience. If being a Mentor interests you, you will undergo comprehensive training in your own community prior to being matched with a Partner.

Please call the office or email peersupport@biaph.com for more information.

The Role of the Mentor

The role of the Mentor is to provide emotional and social support, share information, and resources with partners who are coping with a similar ABI-related situation. These situations may occur at various points post injury. Mentor/Partner matches are based on similar experiences and/or demographics and personal interests. Most of the mentoring will be conducted over the telephone (some by email), making it possible for anyone in Ontario to participate. The Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation has agreed to develop and oversee the program evaluation for this program.


More Information

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Join the Program

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