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Our Research

Our research aims to collaborate with brain injury survivors and caregivers to understand their recovery experiences. Our objective is to bridge knowledge gaps and contribute to the development of evidence-based support programs and practices. We are committed to engaging survivors and their support networks, ensuring their insights and experiences guide our research.

Research Team

Dr. Hardeep Singh

Board of Director

Jasleen Grewal

Research Assistant

Sarah Vu Nguyen

Research Assistant

Nichola Nonis

Director of Operations

Kirsten Hadleycrane

Director of Programs

Our Projects

Front cover of BIAPH's Photobook: Unveiling Resilience: Narratives of Senior Acquired Brain Injury Survivors The cover is composed of a collage of photos taken by participants.
Exploring the experiences and needs of seniors living with an acquired brain injury (ABI)

Approved by the University of Toronto’s Research Ethics Board (REB), this study adopts the photo-elicitation method to deeply explore the experiences of older adults living with Acquired Brain Injury (ABI). This approach enables us to gain meaningful insights, which serve as the cornerstone for enhancing and improving community-based programs.

In conjunction with this research, a photobook has been published, providing a more in-depth look at the lives of older adults living with ABI, further enriching our understanding and approach towards supporting this community.

Promo poster for online resource meant to enhance skills in navigating online platforms. Ultimately enabling easier access to support programs.
A qualitative study of individuals with acquired brain injury (ABI) and program facilitators' experience in virtual ABI community support programs

This study encompasses interviews with individuals who have an ABI, caregivers, and program facilitators to pinpoint challenges in online communication within virtual programs. The insights gathered will inform the improvement of virtual support program design and delivery.

Furthermore, this research has initiated the development of a video learning series aimed at helping individuals with an ABI improve their online social communication skills and navigate social media platforms more effectively.

Are you an ethnic minority caregiver for a loved one with a brain injury? Your unique experiences can help strengthen caregiver support programs. Participants will receive a $25 gift card following the interview process. Contact research@biaph.com for more information.
Enhancing Caregiver Support
Are you an ethnic minority caregiver for a loved one with a brain injury? Your unique experiences can help strengthen caregiver support programs.
BIAPH is conducting a project to better understand the unique needs and challenges faced by caregivers of individuals living with brain injury. We are recruiting caregivers to take pictures and discuss their day-to-day experiences as a caregiver. These photographs and experiences will be presented as a photobook to raise awareness of caregiver experiences. The project includes a 60-minute introductory meeting, and a 60-minute interview over the phone or Zoom. 

Partner With Us

At the Brain Injury Association of Peel and Halton (BIAPH), we understand the unparalleled value of our community and the importance of connecting those with firsthand experience of Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) with leading researchers. Our goal is to foster these essential connections, enhancing the lives of those living with ABI through innovative research and insights.

If you are interested in any of the options listed below, please reach out to us at research@biaph.com for more information.

Peer Support promo image of two people talking
Research Collaborations

The Brain Injury Association of Peel and Halton (BIAPH) focuses on transforming brain injury research into practical insights and support for those affected. To collaborate with BIAPH, researchers must ensure the participation of individuals with brain injuries throughout the research journey. Additionally, establishing a clear plan for disseminating the findings to the broader brain injury community is essential for a successful collaboration.

If your research aligns with these goals, we are keen to explore partnership opportunities. Please reach out to us at research@biaph.com for more information.

Letters of Support

As a charitable organization reliant on grant funding for our research, the support of our community is invaluable to us, particularly through letters of support. These letters not only bolster our grant applications but also signify a willingness to back our projects in various capacities.

We warmly encourage community organizations interested in supporting our mission to reach out if you’re willing to contribute to our efforts through a letter of support or any other form of collaboration. Your involvement is crucial to our continued success and the positive change we strive to make in the brain injury community.

Title says Participants Needed. Below the title, there are 5 open palm, colourful hands forming a circle. The hands are yellow, orange, red, teal, and green.
Promote Your Research

If you’re looking to increase the visibility and engagement of your research, BIAPH offers a promotional service for a fee of $200, incorporating your project into our constant contact campaigns for one month. With an average of 10 campaigns released monthly to our members, your research could reach over 2,000 contacts within our network. We give priority to projects that involve individuals with brain injuries from the outset. Promotion requirements include research ethics approval and affiliation with a reputable research institution.