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Fundraising Gladiators

Be a hero in the fight against brain injuries.

Join the Fundraising Gladiators in championing brain injury awareness and support! Help BIAPH provide essential services and create a network of hope for survivors and their families. Your participation makes a difference—be a hero in the fight against brain injuries.

Gladiator — $1000 FundraisedAchieve a milestone of $1000 in fundraising and receive exclusive rewards for your dedication! In recognition of your efforts, you will be granted a personalized webpage featured on our Gladiators page, designed to showcase your commitment to supporting the brain injury community. This webpage will be complemented by strategic social media marketing, including shout-outs across our platforms, ensuring your story reaches a wide and engaged audience.

Champion — $5000 FundraisedRaise $5,000 and unlock premier recognition and exclusive experiences. You’ll be invited to our Partner Appreciation Cocktail Hour, a special event held before our major gatherings such as the Holiday Party and Bowl-a-thon. This exclusive opportunity allows you to network with top supporters and stakeholders, celebrating your significant impact on the brain injury community. In addition, you’ll receive all benefits of the $1,000 Gladiator tier, including a personalized webpage and strategic social media marketing to amplify your story.

As a Gladiator, your efforts will be prominently featured in our professional Constant Contact campaigns, reaching over 2,000 subscribers annually. This enhanced exposure demonstrates our deep appreciation and commitment to recognizing your significant contribution to the fight against brain injuries.

Legend — $10,000 FundraisedAchieve a $10,000 milestone in our Fundraising Gladiators initiative and receive elite recognition. You’ll be invited to speak at BIAPH’s Holiday Party and enjoy a reserved table of 8. Additionally, a lane at our Bowl-a-thon event will be designated for your team, providing a fun opportunity for engagement and visibility.

This tier also includes an invitation to the exclusive Partner Appreciation Cocktail Hour before major events, where you can network with other top supporters. Plus, you’ll receive all the benefits of the Gladiator Tier and Champion Tier: a personalized webpage, extensive social media marketing, and prominent features in our email campaigns reaching over 2,000 subscribers. This comprehensive package celebrates your impactful contribution to the brain injury community.

Join us in fundraising to transform your company’s approach to community involvement. This initiative not only strengthens team bonds and fosters a positive workplace culture but also bolsters your public image by showcasing a commitment to social responsibility. Engaging in these events provides essential networking opportunities, linking you with influential community leaders and potential partners. Beyond these benefits, your team will experience a boost in morale and motivation as they see the tangible impact of their efforts. Participate with us—make a meaningful difference and enhance your company’s standing in the community.

Championing hope, one goal at a time.

Gladiator — $1000 Fundraised

Thank you to our exceptional contributors who have raised $1,000 or more, providing crucial support to our cause. Explore the unique fundraising methods they’ve used to help our community thrive.