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Director, Youth Engagement Board

Dena Sharafdin

As a Director of BIAPH’s Youth Engagement Board, Dena is committed to contributing to the organization’s mission of supporting Acquired Brain Injury survivors, their families, and caregivers. She works to research and identify potential stakeholders to secure partnerships with BIAPH with the goal of enhancing the organization’s programs, services, and resources for the community.

Dena is currently a law student at Queen’s University and has a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology from York University. She is passionate about making a positive impact in her community and working to facilitate Canadians’ access to crucial resources and programs. Dena has extensive experience pursuing this mission, including volunteering as a distress and suicide hotline responder, supplying legal information for small business owners and entrepreneurs, improving policies and programs for the engagement of Canadian expatriates, and spreading awareness on global justice issues by writing letters to the editor of major newspapers.

In her free time, Dena enjoys reading, playing the violin, and cooking vegan recipes for her and her family.