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LearnHub: Social Communication and Connection

Review Tools and Strategies

February 13, 2024 @ 7pm Online
About the Talk:

LearnHub was designed by BIAPH to house courses designed exclusively for acquired brain injury (ABI) survivors, caregivers and loved ones who are looking to enhance social communication skills in the online environment. Navigating the digital world can present unique challenges, but LearnHub courses equip users with essential knowledge and practical strategies to aid in overcoming them.

Some topics include online safety, accessibility tips, challenges in online social communication, and strategies to overcome these challenges. Join us in building a strong foundation for meaningful and secure social communication in the online world. 

Sarah will review the platform, discussing it’s benefits while walking attendees through the courses. She will demonstrate how to use LearnHub as well as review account creation and answer any questions anyone has regarding the learning platform. She is our expert in everything LearnHub! 

About Sarah Vu Nguyen:

Sarah serves as our Research Assistant overseeing the virtual communication webinar series, LearnHub, and is currently leading our Caregiver Relief Program Enhancement project, bringing her expertise to enrich the program. In addition to her research role, Sarah actively contributes to our social media content.

Her enthusiasm for staying informed on cutting-edge research and interventions related to ABI reflects her deep passion for health promotion and empowering patients through education. Sarah holds a Bachelor of Science in Health Studies with a minor in Medical Physiology from the University of Waterloo, showcasing her strong academic background.

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