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Volunteer in Brain Imaging Studies to Understand the Neurobiology of Brain Injuries

Researchers at the Hospital for Sick Children and the members of Acquired Brain Injury Survivor Solutions (ABISS) are seeking to develop improved techniques to diagnose concussions and PTSD, in addition expanding understanding of the neurological effects of head injuries. They are seeking adults who have experienced minor or severe head injuries to participate in their ground-breaking research. All participants will receive $100, MRI images, and a description of their neurological activity.


To ensure objectivity and privacy, please observe the following when distributing the study flyer:

  • Allow anyone interested in participating to contact study representatives in their private (non-therapy) time
  • Do not discuss, assist with, or document study participation in clinical notes and records
  • The flyer may be distributed via social media, email, community boards, personal referral, etc.

The researchers of this project include:

  • Principal Investigator, Dr. Ben Dunkley, Scientist, the Hospital for Sick Children Research Institute; Assistant Professor, University of Toronto
  • Clinical Research Project Manager, Matthew Ventresca, the Hospital for Sick Children Research Institute
  • Investigator, Dr. Elizabeth Pang, the Hospital for Sick Children Research Institute
  • Research Team Members: Dr. Anthony Nazarov, Dr. Renee Hunt, Dr. Rakesh Jetly, Dr. Manohar Shroff


Click the More Information button below to view the attached flyer. This flyer has been approved by the Hospital for Sick Children’s Research Ethics Board.