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Survey on Mobile Devices and Accessibility Settings

Man looking down and texting. His face is not shown.The Neil Squire Society is looking for input from the Canadian brain injury community on mobile devices and accessibility settings that help (and ones that may not). It is important for individuals with brain injury be able to provide their input. The survey will take around 45 minutes to finish.

Anyone who fills out the survey will be entered into a draw to win one of three $100 Amazon gift cards.


Purpose of this Survey

There are many different mobile devices. These include smartphones, cellphones, tablets and other devices. People with disabilities may use certain features on mobile devices to do some tasks. Here are some examples.

  • Pushing the power button on or off
  • Making a phone call
  • Entering a password
  • Reading a text message or email
  • Writing a text message or email
  • Sending a text message or email
  • Making a video call
  • Taking a picture

But sometimes these features change from one model to the next one.

The purpose of this survey is to find out what features of mobile devices help people with disabilities. The survey administrators want to know how you want to do tasks on your mobile device, and what features you rely on and expect. They also want to know what features help your mobile device work for you.


Eligibility Criteria

In order to enter the prize draw, you must:

  • Be on the mailing list of invited survey participants
  • Be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or have a protected person status
  • Be 18 or more years of age
  • Be a person with a disability
  • Use a smartphone, cellphone, or tablet


If you would like to contribute to research and projects pertaining to the ABI community, make sure to keep your eye on our Mind Matters Blog for future updates and announcements!