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Volunteer Opportunities: Youth Engagement Team!

BIAPH has introduced new volunteer opportunities for our community’s youth. Additionally, we are actively seeking enthusiastic individuals to join our Youth Engagement team. This team comprises two main roles: the Youth Engagement Board of Directors and Youth Engagement Ambassadors. Their primary goal is to ensure that we hear and value the voices of our community’s youth, thereby encouraging them to actively participate in our decision-making processes. Furthermore, the team plays a pivotal role in fulfilling BIAPH’s mission by actively engaging in various projects. These projects include research, community education, fundraising, and development initiatives.

Moreover, this fantastic opportunity includes leadership positions on our esteemed Youth Engagement Board of Directors. You also have the chance to become a Youth Engagement Ambassador. If you’re interested in these roles, please click the link below to learn more about role descriptions, benefits, and how to submit your application.

Lastly, please note that to be eligible for our Youth Engagement Team, volunteers must be between 18 and 30 years old.

Youth Engagement Team logo

Learn More About Our BIAPH Team

Our team consists of individuals from diverse disciplines and skills, who approach BIAPH’s mission with empathy and a strong drive for advocacy. Throughout their time at BIAPH, each team member has played a significant role in ensuring our support programs are quality-driven, member-focused and are aligned with the specific needs of our community.

MindMatters Blog

BIAPH is committed to bridging the gap between research and the ABI community, and excited to announce the MindMatters blog. This space includes regular blog posts that focuses on simplifying research findings and resources pertaining to the ABI community. This blog is managed and overseen by the Youth Engagement Team’s research volunteers.