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Annual Report 2020-2021

Our second Annual Report is now available!

As we move forward, we are proud to present this report as a testament to our significant growth as an organization and ABI community this past year. Our growth as an association and ability to adapt, can always be traced back to our supportive community. Thank You, to our BIAPH team, volunteers, sponsors, donors, and our community, for consistently showing up and supporting our programs, fundraising events, and new initiatives. Our association and its programs would not be possible without your support.

In 2021, a three year strategic plan to redevelop and modernize the association to better serve our members was created. More specifically, this plan was developed to accomplish particular goals pertaining to program expansion and service delivery, within the framework of evidence-based design. To spearhead this pivot, Dr. Hardeep Singh was welcomed and onboarded to guide and inform our association through this change. Concurrently, our association successfully secured funding to execute evidence based projects, which will ultimately contribute to the enhancement of existing programs and services, and through knowledge translation, advocate and raise awareness for the ABI community.

To learn more about how our Strategic Plan has transformed into action this past year, we invite you to take a read through our 2021-2022 Annual Report. This report highlights the many efforts of our organization in upholding our Mission, Vision, and Strategic Priorities.

Annual Report 2021-2022