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Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Year End Debrief and Lighthearted Fun 

Year End Debrief

Throughout the year Members join our support groups to hear talks on information from professionals important and relevant to their personal needs. Members provide suggestions regarding topics of interest and speakers they would like to hear from and BIAPH works to set up relationships with various agencies and companies to bring this information to our members. BIAPH also provides a safe place for ABI survivors and caregivers to connect to discuss information relevant to them, feel connected to others, share experiences, discuss difficulties and share strategies following their trauma, or a medical condition that has resulted in their ABI or Post Concussive Syndrome diagnosis. Please join if you feel you would like to connect with other members who may be experiencing similar a situation to what you may be going through.

Tonight’s meeting will also include some fun with a few games! Join us!