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BIAPH Partners and Mentors

Peer Support Program

Tuesday, September 5, 2023 at 7pm

Sue Brushey, Peer Support Coordinator

About the Talk:

The Peer Mentoring Program offers understanding, emotional, social and informational support between people who share similar experiences after brain injury. Mentors and partners are matched based on similar experiences, needs and personal interests. The program is coordinated through local affiliated brain injury associations across Ontario. 


About Sue: 

At the time Sue first volunteered with BIAPH as a support group facilitator, she was also working as an RSW/PSW coordinator for a firm. Since her mother had an acquired brain injury from a ski accident, she decided BIAPH would be a good place to volunteer at. For the past 8 years, Sue has dedicated her time to BIAPH as our Peer Support Coordinator. Over time, great rapport resulted in many referrals for individuals who wanted to be matched with a knowledgeable friend, and survivors/caregivers who wanted to mentor and give back to their community. Referrals came from BIAPH and OBIA, case workers, therapists, medical and law professionals.

Although Sue has experienced challenges, this experience has also been very rewarding for her as she’s gotten to know and be friends with the various individuals involved in contributing to the development of BIAPH. As Sue has come to know and understand the experiences of ABI survivors, their caregivers and their families, she feels very fortunate to be a part of the Peer Support Program under OBIA and BIAPH.