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The Ontario Caregiver Organization: Information and Resources for Family Caregivers 

About the Talk:

Caregivers play an invaluable role in our healthcare system and communities, providing an estimated three quarters of care in Ontario. The Ontario Caregiver Organization (OCO) exists to support Ontario’s 4 million caregivers; ordinary people who provide physical and emotional support to a family member, partner, friend or neighbour. Join Katie Muirhead, Regional Lead from the Ontario Caregiver Organization to learn more about:

  • The impact of caregiving across Ontario
  • The history and evolution of the Ontario Caregiver Organization
  • The no cost programs and services that are offered to caregivers
About Katie Muirhead: 

Katie Muirhead is a Regional Lead with the Ontario Caregiver Organization. She brings combined experience as a clinician and caregiver to her role with the goal of sharing the work of the OCO and working along side organizations and groups interested in enhancing the caregiver supports in their communities.