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Be Scam Smart

June 4th, 2024 @ 7pm 

In Person Survivor & Caregiver Meeting

About the Talk:

Recognizing and Preventing Online Scams. This seminar is designed to educate participants on the various types of online scams, how to recognize them and effective strategies to prevent falling victim to digital fraud. The session will provide practical tips to enhance digital safety and outline actions to take if you or someone you know is targeted by a scam.

Speaker: Darryl Clarence

Darryl Clarence - Be Scam Smart

Darryl Clarence is a dedicated digital literacy educator with 20 years of experience working with acquired brain injuries through Mind Forward Brain Injury Services. Darryl combines his expertise in computer literacy and cognitive rehabilitation to empower people to regain independence and confidence through technology. Darryl has been instrumental in launching several initiatives aimed at bridging the digital divide for individuals with ABI, including personalized one-on-one tutoring sessions, group workshops, and online learning modules. In addition to hands-on teaching, Darryl is an advocate for online safety, scam detection and fraud prevention.

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