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Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Access to Communication Intermediaries in the justice system for adults with ABI

Bobi Tychynski Shimoda, SL Hunter SpeechWorks 

Speech-Language Pathologist, Communication Intermediary, Assistant Clinical Professor (Part-Time), School of Rehabilitation Science, McMaster University & Business Development Coordinator

About the Talk: 

“People with ABI are disproportionally victims of crimes and are overrepresented within the criminal justice system. There is help for those with ABI (and other communication difficulties) that struggle to express themselves and/or to understand adequately when communicating their perspectives within the justice system. Communication Intermediaries are Speech-Language Pathologists funded by the government to assist in the justice system, helping those who struggle to communicate.”

About Bobi: 

“I have always been fascinated with the inner workings of the brain and how it is involved in everything we do and think. This, coupled my love of people, and of communicating made a perfect fit in my chosen profession as a Speech-Language Pathologist. After completing my undergraduate education in Linguists (Communication Disorders Stream) at Brock University, I completed my Master’s at the University of Toronto. 

As an extremely functional therapist – adept at linking functional activities and goals to skill areas requiring intervention, I strive each and every day, to get the best out of myself and each of my clients. I like to have fun in sessions as well as connecting with each client in terms of what makes them tick. I love a challenge and have worked extensively with socially and/or behaviourally challenged clients. My passion is working with persons with acquired brain injuries both individually, and in groups. 

I am a Part-Time Clinical Professor at McMaster University, lecturing on the topics of work with interpreters and working as a Communication Intermediary. I also provide an annual guest lecture at the University of Toronto on treatment of individuals with traumatic brain injury. I have been a Communication Intermediary since 2013. I have functioned as a Communication Intermediary in a variety of legal and medical settings.

I am a collaborator and enjoy teaming with my esteemed colleagues in Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Neuropsychology, Music Therapy, Dental, Diet and other colleagues. I refined my collaboration skills when working on a Transdisciplinary Assessment Unit at Bridgepoint Hospital. Joint sessions are so helpful and enable a coordination of approaches. I have been with SpeechWorks since 2008 and really feel that I am home.”