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Join HeadSpin: Young Adult Support Group

BIAPH’s HeadSpin Young Adult Support Group was designed for high functioning young adults with an acquired brain injury (ABI), or for individuals experiencing similar challenges. This group focuses on building community and friendship through community-based leisure activities and regular meetings. Driven by member interests, some programs have included activities such as a cooking classes, paint night, games night, etc. The members of our HeadSpin support group pay a fee for each activity depending on its cost. It is quite typical for this cost to range anywhere between $5 – $10.00 – $25.00.

“I think that Headspin has impacted me positively because it allows me to meet people who have gone through similar experiences and has helped me improve both my social and speech skills. I think that social connections are important to me because I am an extrovert and I feel energetic and happy when I interact with others. It helps make me forget about the pain and issues that I deal with on a daily basis. BIAPH meetings have made me laugh even when I’m not feeling 100% happy or I’m in pain.” Headspin Member 

“It has been helpful to hear how other people are dealing with their brain injury. It helps to hear that other people also have challenges in living with a brain injury and it is helpful to hear how they try to manage it. I don’t feel alone.” Headspin Member 


For more information on our HeadSpin Young Adult Support Group, please visit the program page at the link below or email us at info@biaph.com.