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Livelong Wellness Clinic — Game 3 Sponsor

Our 12 Games of Christmas Event continues with the support of Livelong Wellness Clinic. A big thank you to the clinic for their incredible support in sponsoring Game 3 of our ‘Goal in One’ car contest. Livelong Wellness Clinic sponsored another opportunity for one lucky fan to take a shot to win an Audi Q5! This fan gave it his all, taking a hard shot during his chance on the ice. 

Livelong went above and beyond by dedicating this game to Invisible Disabilities Week. Invisible disabilities, such as Acquired Brain Injuries (ABIs), are conditions not immediately visible to others but have profound impacts on individuals. ABIs often result from traumatic events or other causes such as medical conditions, procedures or interventions, leading to cognitive challenges, such as memory issues and emotional relation difficulties impacting one’s overall mental health. 

Individuals with invisible disabilities benefit from support, understanding, and accommodations for their unique challenges. Advocacy efforts aim to dispel misconceptions and foster inclusivity, promoting a culture of empathy and acceptance. By raising awareness and providing the right support, we can help those with invisible disabilities, such as ABIs lead fulfilling lives while managing their hidden struggles.

Let’s continue to stand united and emphasize the critical role of brain injury awareness for those impacted by invisible disabilities. Join us at one of our upcoming games for some exciting hockey and opportunities to make a lasting difference!

Every ticket sold on our special link supports BIAPH’s programs. Get your tickets now! https://biaph.com/goal-in-one-car-contest-2023/

12 Games of Christmas Event

BIAPH is thrilled to announce our new partnerships with the Mississauga Steelheads and Pfaff Automotive Partners for our 12 Games of Christmas fundraising event. This hockey season, BIAPH will host 50/50 raffles and our captivating ‘Goal in One’ Car Contests during 12 Steelheads home games. Win cash prizes with our 50/50 raffle or take a shot at winning an Audi Q5 in the Car Contest. Join us in spreading holiday spirit and be part of this exciting opportunity!