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Functionability — Game 4 Sponsor

Game 4 of Our 12 Games of Christmas Event was brought to us by the support of functionability. We can’t thank Function Ability enough for stepping up to bring our Learning Disabilities Awareness game to the arena. With their help BIAPH was able to provide another lucky fan a chance to take a shot to win an Audi Q5! This fan came inches from the big win and stirred up some excitement. 

This game was designated as our Learning disabilities awareness game helping shed light on lifelong neurological conditions that affect information processing. The coexistence of a learning disability and an acquired brain injury can lead to more complex challenges in both diagnosis and intervention. A personalized approach to rehabilitation and support is crucial to address the unique needs of individuals with dual diagnosis.

Individuals with both a learning disability and an Acquired Brain Injury can benefit from a tailored approach to intervention, including speech and language therapy, cognitive rehabilitation, and assistive technology. The key is to provide comprehensive support that addresses both the pre-existing learning disability related challenges and the new cognitive difficulties resulting from ABI.

Join us at one of our upcoming games for some exciting hockey and opportunities to make a lasting difference! Every ticket sold on our special link supports BIAPH’s programs. Get your tickets now! https://biaph.com/goal-in-one-car-contest-2023/

12 Games of Christmas Event

BIAPH is thrilled to announce our new partnerships with the Mississauga Steelheads and Pfaff Automotive Partners for our 12 Games of Christmas fundraising event. This hockey season, BIAPH will host 50/50 raffles and our captivating ‘Goal in One’ Car Contests during 12 Steelheads home games. Win cash prizes with our 50/50 raffle or take a shot at winning an Audi Q5 in the Car Contest. Join us in spreading holiday spirit and be part of this exciting opportunity!