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Caregiver Relief Program Update May 2014

BIAPH is proud to be one of the very few community associations that offers this much-needed support to caregivers living with and caring for ABI survivors at home.  It is a known fact that an acquired brain injury deeply effects not just the survivor, but it also profoundly changes family dynamics on many levels.
The Caregiver Relief program has undergone many adjustments and revision over the years, BIAPH is very grateful for the assistance of Dr. Cherisse McKay for her input and guidance. Dr. McKay is a neuropsychologist working at the offices of Storrie Velikonja in Burlington and is the current chairperson of BIAPH’s caregiver relief initiative.  BIAPH is also very grateful to Ava Frans for all her work and input.  Ava contacts new applicants and stays in touch with the families during their time in the program. Ava is a Rehabilitation Therapist who has worked with ABI clients for several years.
During the past year, BIAPH was able to offer personal support to nine families. A personal support worker will attend at the clients home 4 hours weekly. The support can be split in to two visits, if this suits the need of the family better.
One of BIAPH’s long time clients Mr. Kent Cochrane passed away unexpectedly in late March. Mr. Cochrane sustained a brain injury because of a motorcycle accident at age 30.  At his passing at the age of 62 Mr. Cochrane’s brain was one of the most studied in the world, particularly in the field of amnesia. BIAPH is very grateful to the family of Mr. Cochrane for thinking of BIAPH in their time of sorrow.
For more information about Mr. Cochrane and his contribution to brain injury education please go to: 
Here are what some of our clients say about the caregiver relief program:
Linda: Caregiver-wife: Thank you so much for your assistance, David is happier and physically healthier now that he is no longer confined to the house. He enjoys his outings and interaction with his PSW.
Chuck: ABI Survivor:  In July 2007 I suffered a ruptured AVM. One of my goals that I wanted to work towards in my recovery was to be able to take back looking after the weekly grocery shopping in our household. Due to my cognitive challenges as well as not being able to drive or take public transportation, I require a caregiver to assist me with this. By being able to do the grocery shopping again, it alleviates my wife from having to take on this task among the many others she has as a caregiver along with working full time. It also allows me to feel good about myself knowing that I am able to make a contribution and help out with the family household chores/responsibilities.
Kelly: Caregiver-mother: We really enjoyed our services every Saturday night when we had a PSW here. My husband and I needed the break and Ty was very happy to play with them.
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