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Tuesday, March 15, 2022

An Overview of the Brain Basics Course offered by OBIA

Lauren Hough, Community Outreach, Ontario Brain Injury Association

Lauren Hough, has been working in the disability field for 9 years. Her role at OBIA is Community Outreach and Assistant to the Executive Director. Lauren is very passionate about raising awareness about brain injury and improving the quality of care received by those recovering from an acquired brain injury. She is currently pursuing her Masters of Arts in Applied Disability Studies at Brock University.

An Overview of the Brain Basics Course offered by OBIA

This talk will give you a preview of OBIA’s Brain Basics E-learning program. This program guides participants through a series of interactive modules that will provide an understanding and appreciation for the complex nature of brain injuries. It will also teach practical strategies that can be used to manage the challenges a person may experience following a brain injury. Lauren will also briefly review some of OBIA’s other supports and services offered across Ontario.