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Helping Families and Survivors of Acquired Brain Injuries


October 29, 2014 Burlington Support Group Welcomes Jean Dennis

During October’s meeting  Jean Dennis will discuss common misunderstandings regarding brain injury and the recovery process. Jean is the group’s facilitator and a Clinical Psychology Doctorial Candidate.

The discussion will include a brief overview of the anatomy of the brain and the function of the parts of the brain. She will review how neurons work, die, and rewire as well as some common difficulties that people experience as they recover from brain injury and explore how every injury is unique; every injury and recovery is different for each person.

The struggles that people experience after brain injury are valid and out of the control of the survivor. It is important to promote education about brain injury so that medical staff, family, and friends are aware of brain injury symptoms. It is important that symptoms are recognized and the appropriate diagnosis is made, but also so that symptoms are not attributed to the person being difficult, faking, not trying hard enough, or making poor choices.

Date: October 29,
Location: Fortinos Community Room
2515 Appleby Line (at Dundas)
Burlington, ON., L7R 3X4

See you on October 29th!

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