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Award of Excellence


BIAPH is the proud recipient of the OBIA Advisory Council Award in the support category!


BIAPH received this award as a recognition of the work done to expand our support groups in the Peel/ Halton region for both brain injury survivors and caregivers. What is unique about these support groups is that they have been developed and run by brain injury survivors and caregivers themselves and are supported by volunteer efforts of professionals within the brain injury health community, such as occupational therapists and counsellors. The groups offer a wide range of resources, including a venue for people to connect and share their stories of strength and hope, guest lecturers in the rehabilitation fields to provide information about brain injury and recovery, and social events to overcome the social isolation often experienced by brain injury survivors after their injury. By focusing on both survivors and caregivers, the support groups foster adaptive coping to support maintenance of important family and spousal relationships, which are often at risk of strain following brain injury. The support groups have been monumental in helping the members develop a sense of belonging and purpose, as many of the members are taking on leadership roles in running the support groups and organizing social events through BIAPH.

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